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How to Remove stains from your car seats

Stains in car seats can really take the appearance down on the interior of your car. The 3 methods are shampooing, agitation (drill brushing and or steaming) and extraction. Some stains won’t be able to be removed. Some factors would include age of the stain, certain type of seats, and severity of the stains. These 3 Methods will definitely help improve the appearance however.

First you want to find a dedicated car shampoo that will help break down the dirt, grease, and grime imbedded In your seats. You want to use something with high a pH level. Spread across the seats using a spray bottle or a pump sprayer for an even coat. Then let it sit for about 2-3 mins while the solution works into the fibers.

The next step would be the agitation process . We typically use a combo of drill brush and steam to get the job done. The drill brush is much faster and will definitely save you time and energy as it handles the mechanical aspects of the job! Apply your dedicated car shampoo to the seats, then proceed to drill brush, and then whip with a microfiber towel. The steam is a major part in the process. The steams allows heat the get into the fibers which loosens up the dirt for better results. Steaming will remove most of the stains present.

The last set is extraction. Extraction helps get rid of the excess water left over as you get the seats wet during the process .Heated or not, extractors are key to making sure no stains return through the drying process. As you use it you will see the water coming out of the seats. Go slow even repeat the process for the best results!

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